Stephanie Wise is a New York City-based makeup artist who specializes in conceptual, beautifying, and natural looks for HD and film, as well as realistic special makeup effects.

Stephanie started honing her skills in makeup artistry over 10 years ago when she was invited to assist with the makeup design for a local theatre in her hometown of Mechanicsburg, PA. Since her beginnings in theatrical productions, Stephanie has relocated to NYC, where she received formal makeup artistry training, has established a career in the film industry, and made a home for herself in Brooklyn.

Before embracing makeup artistry as her passion and career objective, Stephanie’s pursuit was in painting, which has lead her to create artistic makeup designs, as well as detailed character makeups  and refined beauty looks. As an appreciator of the human form, particularly the beauty of its skin, Stephanie also strives, when appropriate, to use as little makeup as possible, allowing some of the talent’s natural, lovely skin to take center stage. Likewise, she is well-versed in using makeup to give the impression


that the talent is not wearing any makeup at all.

Her effects specialty is smaller, painted-on wounds, which are done with artful accuracy and detail.She has also created an array of burn victims, ghosts, zombies, drug-addicts, cadavers, and has been called upon to supervise the makeup for numerous fight sequences, death scenes, and scripted wound-inflictions.
Outside of film, her work has been featured in music videos including Tinie Tempah’s “Written In The Stars”, Zola Jesus‘s “Vessel”, and alt-J’s “Breezeblocks”, among many others. She has also been a makeup artist for the top-rated Halloween attraction Blood Manor, where she was employed from 2009-2010 and served in other creative capacities in addition to makeup.

She has worked with such talent as Cary Elwes, Michael Imperioli, Kristen Wiig, Aidan Quinn, Elijah Wood, Ryan Phillippe, Bow Wow, Nick Cannon, Grace Gummer, Rachel Nichols, and Fabolous.